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Mistress Var

A British, North London, Strict CP Governess, Sissy Maid Trainer and Medical Mistress. London Mistress Var resides in a clean comfortable domestic setting with easy access to public transport and free parking facilities.

London Dominatrix Mistress Var has a good range of kit and equipment but you are always welcome to bring your own. Be assured that she values maintaining the highest standards in Health, Safety and Hygiene.

Being a Lifestyle Domina for over 10 years she is genuinely interested and has a true understanding of the service she has to offer.


Mistress Var's services range from warm chastisement to sadistic warden; she has a range of outfits to suit the role-play and ambience of the scene.


offers Corporal Punishment and Petticoat Punishment for Naughty adult school boys and girls. Badly behaved adult school pupils will be received for detention by her; where strokes a well chosen cane, tawse or birch will be delivered according to the severity of the misdemeanour. Detention can include writing lines and corner-time. Silly boys will be forced to dress in petticoats and bloomers and may even be paraded in assembly.

Step back to a Superior Age - and Suffer





Mistress Var
TEL: 07858 419143


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